Thursday, October 22, 2009

David Tennant or John Barrowman - a MediumRob competition

Shoot. I'm knee deep in work and I only find out about this from lovely Chrissie who tips me the wink that Marie has forgotten how to spell Douglas Henshall's name.

Anyway: confronted by the question of 'David Tennant or John Barrowman? And why?' in the MediumRob competition (deadline 25th October 2009) I can only fall back on some trite thoughts:
  • because he made my heart skip and my stomach turn when I saw him on a billboard poster
  • because his physique is the kind that makes me smile inside
  • because he has great hair
  • because his native accent makes my mouth go dry and moves my womb
  • because... I can't even say how other parts of my body react without getting obscene
  • because when he smiles, honestly, perfectly, it is enough to dazzle my eyes
  • because when he meets fans he is nothing less than kind and frequently generous
  • because he seems to have a genuine affection and understanding of people's affection for him
  • because he can turn emotions on the edge of a sixpence, from joy to despair
  • because he knows just how to choke a line of dialogue to rip your heart out
  • because when he laughs you never feel it is anything less than real
  • because he believes in social justice and fairness
  • because he loves what he does and can't get enough of it
So far, this could, reasonably be applied to either of these lovely males. But....

.... I don't need life to be a song and a dance, a show-stopping spectacle, a confessional, heroic demonstration - as much as that excites me.

My choice? He's the Doctor, MY Doctor, and much more besides. John Barrowman is a perfect companion, sexual tease, and flirt. But my choice would be: David Tennant.


Rob Buckley said...

It always pays to pay attention to TMINE. But at least you found out about the competition and were able to confess your love before deadline.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I always pay attention, but I have scarcely been online at all recently so I seem to be perpetually behind in finding things out. *Sniff*!

Marie said...

I plead typo! (It's one of the "Forgotten Amendments".)

Anonymous said...

I could tell from the start where you were heading!