Friday, October 16, 2009

Blogs I owe you all: book reviews, music reviews etc

Gah, rubbish rubbish blog person. I owe you all a lot.

Book reviews of Stieg Larsson (yes, I too am now a fully paid up convert to the 'oh-my-god-Lisbeth-Salander-is-awesome' club), a book review of Rashbre's highly entertaining book version of his NaNoWriMo production The Triangle (see Rashbre for copies!), commentary on Spiral, thoughts on gigs I will be off to soon (The Proclaimers this evening; Bellowhead on Sunday) and much more.

Apologies as ever for not reading or writing much. Start of term, blah, blah.

Plus, one year ago this weekend... Sigh

1 comment:

chrissie_allen said...

'Almost distracting' ??

Hmmm...I think I recall it was a tad more than that Rullsenberg ;)

From what you said at the time anyway. Or.... maybe i am remembering wrongly...just HOW very distracting it was...for you.
At the time....and again..after the time...and time and again.

Oh i must've got it all wrong!