Thursday, April 16, 2009

Saturday watching

Saturday evening presented tough choices for me.

We'd been painting most of the day (nice company from David Tennant and Catherine Tate on the radio) and tea was getting delayed. (Home made fish-pie: very nice)

So would I go with heartbreak (Primeval) or desert-pleasure (Doctor Who) as priority?

Well, thanks to the delay in me preparing tea and a very early start for Primeval, I went for the following compromise:
  • watch the start of Primeval from 6.15pm
  • go and eat tea
  • grab an extra few minutes of Primeval from 6.35-6.45pm
  • delay what I know will be the inevitable tears by watching Doctor Who for the full hour
  • find Primeval not yet on 'Catch Up TV' (grumble)
  • watch Robin Hood
  • watch Doctor Who Confidential
  • watch Primeval on Catch-Up (thank you Virgin)
  • after some extra tv and wine have meltdown over decorating (and probably over my psychologically shite week at work and the impact of Primeval)
Poor Neil: he was so lovely to me all Saturday and I did have a very indulgent day of loveliness. But it had all come at the end of a very long week at work (four days can be long when you know you're in the doghouse) and my emotions are frankly all over the place.

I feel a bit better now.

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