Thursday, April 16, 2009

Film Review: Let the Right One In

I had thought it was only last year when I read the wonderful book 'Let The Right One In' -- turns out that I'm going loopy, since it was actually nearly two years ago now.

Blimey. Time flies (so do buses apparently).

Anyway, after hearing there was to be a movie of this (I'm la-la-la-ing the inevitable US remake as a 'not-going-there' thing), I started prowling around for a release date. It was frustratingly long in coming and I kept hearing tantilising reports that the Swedish film was to be a breathtaking adaptation by the book's author.

By this spring I was getting angsty for the film to arrive - and then, BANG. The film promotion was EVERYWHERE. Could it live up to expectations?

Hell, yes.

What really pleased me was just quite how much of the sentiment and feel of the novel the film retains. Sure, there are changes, some that I missed more than others (Eli's ambiguous identity) but the film brings some magnificent sequences to life.

It's not all horror - there is a delicacy to the portrayals that I really liked - but when the horror comes it does make you suitably wince.

I went home and immediately re-read the book. It hadn't lost any of its power though I was especially pleased with how the final Swimming Pool sequence was adapted to the screen.

A brilliant book and a brilliant film. As I said before, recommended. Thanks again for the complimentary copy.


George said...

opop and uhdf, you have both made some great points, but I must disagree. I thought the adaptation was very good. I expected more horror but I was glad it was the film it was instead as it gave a great portrayal of restrained teenage love.

Let's just agree to disagree wrt the American remake; I just don't think a film needs to be in English to validate itself.

Hope we can still be friends..

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

thanks G!