Sunday, December 07, 2008

Thinking about a mug of pens where none of them work -- and other thoughts of Writers' Rooms

The Guardian's series of photographs called 'Writers' Rooms' has long been one of my favourite bits in the Review section. This weekend I caught Clive James talking about his thoughts on his own writing room, and frankly I giggled frequently throughout.

Now, Clive James is undeniably a bit of a berk, albeit an interesting and provocative writer and broadcaster. But it is hard not to laugh in recognition at tales of having a mug of pens for taking important notes -- only for every pen not to work. Nor the image of a desk of papers all unsorted and out of date. Nor bookcases so disorganised that the reader ends up buying another copy of a book they know they own because they cannot locate the original.

Though I hasten to add that that last issue is not one that affects me because I am scrupulous in organising books!