Thursday, December 04, 2008

Mini update: London and forthcoming

Apologies: we were in London last weekend (very nice thanks) and since then I've been battling with work overload and general lurgy.

Still, just to give a quick preview of what's coming up:

  • review of the shuffleathon CD received from Jamie Smitten - a fine looking beast it appears too
  • London visit review
  • The Devil's Whore - one of the best TV dramas of this year IMHO
  • books I have been reading
  • what's happening in December/January
Just a reminder on that last item folks: I will NOT be able to watch the Doctor Who Xmas Special this year. Anyone able to set a video or similar to record this and let me watch their recording will therefore be gratefully adored and acknowledged.*

Just as a forewarning as well, and partly as I don't really trust myself, I will probably be largely off-line between Xmas Day and 6th January.

As Professor River Song said: "Spoilers!"

* The iPlayer will be of no use to me here UNLESS the show is repeated and (or) is available via the iPlayer for viewing after 6th January 2009. Meh.


Sarah said...

Hi Lisa,

I'll be recording the Dr Who Christmas Special on my Sky+ box but I'm not confident that I'll be able to transfer it to dvd - or video.
However, I'll save it - and if noone else can help, you'll just have to pop down here for a glass of wine and smatterings of Tennant :-)

nb - have yet to listen to my birthday cd...i'm waiting for some quality time to give it my full attention.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

HI Sarah
No worries about the CD - its not time bound or anything! (Although... well, you'll figure the remark out when you listen!)

And I have to say re: DW Xmas that I would be honoured to share some wine and a watching of la DT with you!

Jane Henry said...

Lisa I LOVE The Devil's Whore. It's brill.

JoeinVegas said...

OK, where are you off to this holiday season?

If you don't get to see it, feel free to come visit us next year when it gets played here (if it does, the only Christmas special we've seen so far is the Kyle Titanic one)

Sarah said...

Hi Lisa,

Dr Who special chez moi it is then...obviously Mr Cloud is also very welcome. We'll have to sort out details via email...

However, the main reason for popping by today is to say a HUGE THANK YOU! I've finally been able to give my birthday cd a proper listen and I LOVE it! Your comment is very clear now - the Tennant is most welcome, though it's not the only reason I love the cd! Although I know some of the tracks, there are many that I either don't know - or recognise but have nary a clue who they are. When you get a spare min (and there's no hurry), a tracklisting would be fabulous.