Saturday, September 09, 2006

NEW POST: in real time (from Aberdeen)

Just a mini update to say we're having a LOVELY time up in Aberdeen. We had some very scrummy food on Thursday night watching "Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul" (starring einsturzende man Alexander Hacke), the Buffy episode "Who Are You?" (Faith/Buffy switch), and the Spaced series two episode "Change" (featuring the classic exchanges about the Phantom Menance - "You didn't like it?" [pause, with hesitant response] "no....").

Yesterday we had a day wandering Aberdeen including the beach (the BEACH!!!!!), the Provost Skeene's House for lunch, a major investment on CDs at the wonderful One-Up [no formal link but well reputed] which garnered me a much envied canvas bag as well as a number of freebie CDs, and a hot sunny day walk back to George's. We then took a taxi back to town to Ma Cameron's for some drinks and then it was off to Rustico [scroll for the thumbs-up review] for lots of lovely italian food with G and the absolutely gorgeous-feel-like-I-already-know-you Sonia. After mucho laughter and scoffing of food it was off to the wonderful Belmont Picturehouse for the annual - well, it is two years in a row - observation of a Richard Linklater film. This year: A Scanner Darkly. Bonkers, but brilliant, and a visual treat.

After that we fell home via a taxi and stumbled to bed. Today, we're off to the coast! It's ALL GOOD!

Anyway, Lisa and Neil over and out!

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AnnaWaits said...

*waves in a northerly direction*

Good to hear you're enjoying yourselves :)