Sunday, April 16, 2006

Pots and kettles

Sight and Sound (not exactly forthcoming on its web version) this month - that is for the May 2006 issue - carries a review of the film Firewall, starring Harrison Ford.

It carries this priceless line:
"The tone is set in an early scene which establishes that Harrison Ford, sporting a seriously poor haircut, is in charge of computer security at a Seattle bank..."
Now you may not think this a particularly stunningly amusing line. Until you realise that in talking about Ford's haircut you are actually being told this by a man who wears THIS haircut *


* term used in its loosest sense.


Anonymous said...

Fair enough, but Kim Newman is pretty much the only movie reviewer around that I find myself nearly always in 100% agreement with.

Of course, that may be because we have similar haircuts.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...


Now I have a very strange image of you indeed.

But you're right that Kim Newman writes good reviews, and I also often agree with them. I would have to say though that I definitely do NOT have a Kim Newman haircut. (and is haircut the correct word anyway?)