Sunday, April 16, 2006

Just for Just Jane

When I checked in on the blog world whilst over in New Zealand (just the once I managed, sorry about that folks) I made a real hash of things. I didn't email everyone I should have or wanted to; I didn't even get to check up on all my blog friends sites.

So it was only when I got back to the computer today that I found that Jane has been having a really rough time of things. So I just wanted to send out a big bloglike hug to her, an apology for not making a better job of checking in whilst away, and an encouragement to say keep on keeping on gal 'cos we love your writing so much!

PS I've just been reading Phil's post on the song "Loss" by Mull Historical Society and it seemed very apt to apend a link here.

1 comment:

J.J said...

Oh Lisa,

I really do love you. You are such a kind person.

I will e-mail you later tonight.

Welcome home darling.

Love Jane