Friday, December 13, 2013

I blinked and it was nearly Christmas...

Apologies: I have tried - honest. But work has been demented (as FB readers will know, Neil especially has been working stupid hours) and things just ran away from me.

Over the last few weeks since I last posted:

  • 26 November - late drop-in session at Uni library, plus final choir rehearsal session for Nottingham
  • 29 November - up at the crack of dawn pre-dawn for a day trip to London. Brilliant but exhausting!
  • 30 November - travel up to Sheffield for final (and compulsory) rehearsal for our end of season concert at Elsecar Heritage Centre, followed by fish and chips at Whitbys (the restaurant, not the town)
  • 1 December - hair appointment at my hairdresser's house (couldn't fit me in at the salon due to me and Helen attending the final Stratford Upon Avon Richard II performance, followed by Doctor Who 50 weekend - although it also has to be said my lovely hairdresser was away 23-29 inclusive!) and I needed to be done before...
  • 3 December - end of season Nottingham BeVox concert
  • 7 December - The Circle of Life, the big BeVox concert for the season, where I only performed in the matinee and thus missed...

Tim proposing to Toni

It's been busy.

Tonight is the works Christmas party.  Woot (not).  Neil has his at lunchtime (hope not too drunk).

No I still have not really started let alone finished my Christmas shopping or card writing... still, i am wearing some fetching tinsel....

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