Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Living on: The New Zealand Earthquake one year on - it isn't over yet

Auckland and the North Island of New Zealand may think it's time to memorialise and move on, but for those in and around Christchurch, Canterbury on South Island, the death and destruction of 22 February 2011 is still being felt in regular aftershocks.

Many of these 'aftershocks' are sufficiently large to terrify those of us fortunate enough to live without the imminent threat of liquefaction and worse.

In much the way that all such significant events become subject to media over-presentation (but for a limited time only), NZ television is currently experiencing a schedule-filling 'analysis' of the earthquake and those who were killed. Problem is that the knock-on effect of the February 2011 quake has not stopped and will not have stopped when the cameras, documentaries and news crews disappear back to Auckland.

I'll be thinking of those who died, and those who live, and the ongoing struggles of those at the ongoing mercy of the ground beneath them - whether or not the news teams are watching, let alone thinking of them.

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