Friday, September 30, 2011

Pegasus Bay and beach - New Zealand South Island

It's weird given that in the UK the roads and planting are at best done last, if not constituting an entirely accidental afterthought.

In New Zealand, landscaping, roads, pathways etc are usually done first: hence why on some estates you get the grand entrance way built to an estate which never actually comes to fruitition.

Anyway, some estates DO start to come to life: I hope Pegasus is one, as they confidently proclaim that there will be a town centre coming soon!

One of the selling points of Pegasus is its proximity to the nearby beach - a spooky short drive from the centre of the new estate through wooded dirt tracks.

But the view when you arrive is lovely.


chrissie_allen said...

I like the sound of that 'spooky' drive to the beach :-) Nice pics!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful view and adorable in new zealand