Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Theatre review: Avenue Q on tour Nottingham Theatre Royal Tuesday 26 April 2011

Most of you will already be familiar with the very modern and adult puppet musical Avenue Q. Heck, its been around since before Gary Coleman died. However despite previous attempts to schedule seeing it in London it has taken the til the show goes on tour to get to see it.

Was it worth the wait? Yeah it was.

Sure there are some dubious elements: I get the underlying sentiments of "Everyone's a little bit racist" but its a bit problematic amidst such a predominantly white audience. Still, much else going on is funny and savvy enough to compensate: after all it is hard to deny "the internet is for porn".

What really entertained was how clear it was that so many in the audience already knew and loved the show. Plenty of young faces too which make a change in the Theatre. Despite one unavoidable point of cast and audience corpsing (dude, that was one helluva laugh) it went really well and smoothly in terms of the production and kudos to all for the puppetry. Very enjoyable. And great music too.

And with a somewhat happy-ish ending, it was actually a rather life-affirming experience despite the dark wrongness of the topics!

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