Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The end of Upshares on BBC Radio 4

I'd always enjoyed the business news slot with Nils Blythe and Eddie Mair on the BBC Radio 4 PM programe.

But when they sought a name for the slot and acquired the moniker 'Upshares, Downshares' (in honour of the esteemed British TV series), little did they anticipate what they would spawn. It was a regular feature of my journey home from work, marking I had left more or less on time (a major point). It almost makes it a shame that with the recession 'officially' over the 'Upshares' slot has come to an end ...

However, the history of 'Upshares' - and most importantly the music that it acquired - can be accessed in all its glory at the PM Blog.

Best of all, listen to the 'Theramin version in the style of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop' and spot why that especially made me smile!

They're asking for donations to Children in Need from those enjoying the music.

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