Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How (not) to downsize?

Norm has picked up the batton from Leo Hickman on living with just 10 possessions.

Except that Norm seems to have taken this rather liberally with a list that opens with "books, cds".

Well, that by account I'm fine. Can I add in DVDs as well? That would pretty much do me.

I'm being ironic, as well we might, for in these consumerist times it is easy to forget how spoilt we are by our possessions. We're overwhelmed by stuff.

I'm as guilty as many others but it is interesting how when forced we are confronted by how much material goods we could do without. I'm in admiration of people who can let things go easily: use/enjoy once and pass on. But sometimes you wonder what they let go of when they keep so little from their past. Perhaps that says more about how some of us hold memories in physical objects as much as in our minds.

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