Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend interlude - I think there was a festival going on somewhere?

We may not have been able to attend, but we caught a few bits of Glasto on the telly, including staying up late for Bruce Springsteen's gloriously uplifting performance.

Some may have been disappointed he didn't include Born in the USA (a song that I now feel is probably better interpreted by Ballboy), but the misappropriation of the song by politicians always disturbs me and I wasn't too sad to not hear it.

Besides: I got The River followed by Born to Run. And frankly that did for me from the first haunting harmonica sounds of the first track to the uplifting vrroooom of the latter.

Worth staying up late to watch.

There were bands and artistes I wish had gotten greater attention, but it was gratifying to see footage of Regina Spektor on the main stage on the Friday afternoon strutting her fingers across the piano keys and charming the audience despite the rain. Adorable.

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Anna Lowman (annawaits) said...

Oh I haven't seen any of Miss Reg! I shall have to hunt it out...