Friday, March 20, 2009

Is it worth it? The Guardian's music list (continued)

Short answer: no.

Dear heaven: what with the duplications and the mad omissions, the 'so-obvious- it-seems-insane-that-anyone-on-Western-hemisphere-planet-earth-will-have-failed-to-have-heard it-already' range of tracks, and the utterly BONKERS categorisation of the songs overall....

Really: could do better. And the Party Songs list? Most Pointless Waste of Paper In The Series.



Anonymous said...

I dunno. I wouldn't mind going to a party where they are playing Back in Black, Windowlicker and a couple of Kraftwerk tracks back-to-back :)

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Oh I don't think they're necessarily all bad party tracks but just that the best ones will already be on any party I wuld WANT to go to!!!

Reidski said...

Biggest waste of time ever - The Guardian and its never-ending fucking crap supplements (the one on Saturday about cars which race being a prime example).

The second biggest waste of time ever - talking about them (yes, I see the irony in me commenting about it).

Marie said...

I have found this to be completely dull in every way. 1000 songs are just too many to sort through, looking for the ones I don't know, and then listening to them just in case I might like them. And what a ridiculous way to break down the lists. Who on earth thinks: hmm, I feel like listening to some songs about sex now.

We totally don't need that list in a world with Last FM (currently enjoying: Radio Alela Diane).

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I don't object to the list in theory but it proved so flawed (yes, I know that was predictable) that I really did lose heart with it.

TOTALLY get your point Marie about the 'sex' songs especially!