Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thanks to builders I am JUST listening to Chain Reaction...

Bliss... David Tennant on Chain Reaction. Hee.

Tamagotchi Heaven.

TV as an excursion (away from the stage)

"When I was wee I watched telly - Doctor Who"

The 'utterly normalness' of Doctor Who fans

The delight in doing Blackpool

Hats as a gender disguise in Shakespeare

Richard Schiff and George Lucas

Exploding sweets

Fantasy vs reality: believing in space vs astrology

Interactive news programmes and astrology - into Room 101

Reading reviews - "theatre taught me not to do this"

Being in 'The Bill': "I'm a killer"

The Doctor as quirky

Making the decision to take up the role of the Doctor: "I didn't want to be the guy who turned it down"

Adored into dotage

The first line of the obituary

All very enjoyable.

And - as progress - we now have some concrete put in. The kitchen floor is leveled and concreted - as has been the pantry (to resolve the damp problem - hopefully). What next? Doors and the ceiling.

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Marie said...

I loved it too. Welcome back. Hope you are doing OK.