Thursday, May 12, 2005

What? Get me a glossary of colloquialisms!

Currently our work email system is experiencing some difficulties. You delete stuff, but it has almost zero effect on your storage used. Or have they just shrunk our storage entitlements?

Who knows?

Anyway, apropos of sifting through and printing hard copies of mails to store in students files rather than on the drive, I have been coming across some quirky little snippets of stuff. Not least of which was this site, useful for all manner of 'glossary' type questions such as those often thrown at me by a bewildered Rita across the Atlantic miles. Rita frequently takes me to task over my use of language - she ain't the only one, I know - and pleads for an explanation. Sometimes the problematic terms are homegrown, but phrases are more likely particular to the UK so sites such as this can be helpful. It includes articles, Q&A sections, as well as brief encyclopedic explanations (a series of alphabetical sections), and a series of links to similar pages. I know it can be easy to find fault with such sites, as you can with various dictionaries: but that's why smart readers like to have a variety of texts on etymology to hand. Nevertheless, an interesting site and worth a gander (other similar recommendations happily accepted!)

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