Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The eBay solution

Of course, if we had half an ounce of ability we'd be off selling on eBay, but I'll be honest in saying that we just find it too confusing. We could really do with someone actually doing it for us, but that's like admitting you can't tie your shoelaces or blow your nose in today's society. Sigh. We couldn't even rustle up the ability to attend a car boot sale. Am sure we could have made lots from all the stuff we have given away over the years, but we're just too idle to make a good job of trying to make it pay. I guess we don't make very good capitalists, eh?!

Hmmm... are we subversive or just incompetent?

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David Duff said...

What was that cheap Tory jibe about Lefties being unable to run a whelk stall? Not the sort of thing I'd say, of course.