Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A Jacket I nearly purchased

Am just getting over the yearning I felt this weekend when I nearly succumbed to buying a jacket designed by Vivienne Westwood (Red Label). The jacket was red velvet, 3/4 length, lined and fitted me perfectly (thanks for nothing Cloud in getting me to try it on!)

Sadly, being sold as part of a designer's private collection of items, it was a whopping £350 to buy: "I could do it you for £320" the seller gallantly offered.

Yikes. I left the shop - only open for three days in Nottingham - gnashing my teeth and wailing that I was not t0 be allowed within a 100 yard radius of the shop whilst it was open in case I was seduced.

As compensation, Cloud led me to the more affordable delights of H&M - purveyors of affordable fashion - where I picked up a pair of red velvet trousers for £12.50. I let go of the idea of getting the jacket...

I'm claiming this was ultimately a Very Good Thing, as when I got home and got changed I found three bite-marks on my arms. EEK! I think I just had a close shave from little biting things and though I wish to cast no aspersions on the quality of storage the VW jacket had had, telling myself I narrowly avoided spending money I don't have, on something I would scarcely dare wear, that was a little more lively than one would like... well that feels good.

AND I didn't slip into saving the £350 only to spend an equivalent on cheap tat!

It did look nice though: sadly I can't track a web-picture of one. Sniff. And it fitted me so well... (I'm over it... really I am).

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