Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Doctor Who's-the-new-assistant?

Have been in communication with Anna about Billie Piper's departure this morning and it made me realise how well the current series has worked: Piper's departure seems as frustrating as Christopher Eccleston's.

Ah well, nae mind. The topic has at least given me a good laugh, thanks chiefly to my good friend Helen Lisette for her quick email query to me:
So, Billie Piper has confirmed that she's leaving the show. How are you fixed? Fancy twirling round space and messing up the Space time continuum with The Doctor?
Bwah ha ha! Oh dear, I've come over all giddy... Casanova on DVD this week and Blackpool forthcoming. What with my weekend away in London, I'm all of a dither!

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AnnaWaits said...

Casanova on DVD? Can't WAIT! Thank you!