Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Too many broken hearts in the world? The heart is a lonely hunter...

Now if those song citations don't get you going, nothing will. *

Sorry for the late post. Half finished last week.

Some time ago Norm directed me to a number of posts on the topic of whether 'tis better to be broken hearted or a lonely heart.

Anne Cunningham was his chief link, with a very wise comment identifying that to have your heart broken you have to love... and although not loving can allow one to avoid a broken heart, it is a pretty souless existence if we avoid love. Lacking as it does the chance to see "the pretty lights" (a passage I love, already cited by Norm), Anne voices what love provides: the opportunity to see the world differently, more beautifully, than otherwise seems possible without love.

How can one argue with that, especially as I was re-reading a letter I had sent to a friend recently on just such matters of love and loss and the wayward behaviour of hearts. In the past I have tried to shut myself off from getting hurt, but it leaves you cold and sad of mind and spirit. Ultimately one has to be in the world to have access to its joys. As such, I say always, go for it.

* Line 1: It's the dreaded Jason Donovan for those (not) interested.
* Line 2: Much more classy - Thievery Corporation feat. David Byrne. Title of course based on Carson McCullers text.

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