Friday, May 06, 2005

Light relief: the language of Rufus

Sorry, post-election I needed a burst of alternative thinking. Catch these definition discussions over at the Rufus Wainwright message-boards on the Concise Rufus Dictionary (apologies for cutting the specific credited originators on these but some don't make sense outside the discussion on the boards).

Credits to: Noynal (originator of the discussion); zencorrine; Rhapsody; cindyloohoo; arian_mor; Captain; Goody Wainwright; Cosmo; sleeping_pirate; scaredofhershadow; ScissorSister; and kat_in_blue
Rufunoidal - term used todescribe those attempting to sound like Rufus –in car singing-possible rather nasal or having a ‘breathy’ quality
Rufied - not good
Ruphoria - The feelings and emotions during and just after seeing Rufus perform in concert Rufusish - of or pertaining to an article of clothing or piece of jewelry that perfectly accessorizes an outfit
Rufusitis - (1) being unable to listen to any music that is not being sung by Rufus; or (2) hearing Rufus's voice no matter what song is playing
Rufobia - fear of losing a Rufus CD for a short period of time
Rufanus shot? Or maybe even (God forbid) a Rufotomy
Rufable - a person or moment that needs r w music
Rufusology - the study of rufus
Rufusesque - adjective used to describe a man resembling Rufus
Rufusion - what most people's CD collections are in need of: "honey, you've got some awfully boring CD's - you need a Rufusion"
Rufusian - a certain style of mannerism, of dress, of hair, etc, that is decidedly reminiscent of Rufus
Rufism- denying a religion (organized or privatized) and the acceptence of Rufus as your savior
Rufoxicated - an altered state of consciousness as a result of imbibing want one and two in one sitting
Rufhalla - almost like heaven, only better
Rufusonian - The area in your living space that is set aside for posters, articles, autographs...and all Rufus memorabilia
Rufusity (no Rufusitis) - quality of something or someone who looks like Rufus or carries some of his essence
Given the exchanges I have had in recent weeks with my pal Ian - ever grateful for him really getting Cloud and me into RW - I have noticed that unwittingly we too have been using the language of Rufus... Oh What a World...!

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