Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Upcoming gig: Lorna in Nottingham

Many moons ago I saw an excellent band called Lorna. They've been going for a while now, but have only just got a record deal in the UK: they've had a great following in Spain for ages. Finally they are getting some attention at home (even in their home town they've been a bit of an underrated group for some time - coverage back in 2003 and still it's took two years to get that UK record deal).

Anyway, they're playing a gig this Friday in Nottingham at the Malt Cross (on stage at 9.30pm)and they come highly recommended by this blogger. Neil Young influences, great vocals and really nice people: they're cracking live. the album Static patterns and Souvenirs is out 13th June in the UK.

Go on: make the effort - its free and they're deserving your support!

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