Monday, May 09, 2005

"That's Entertainment": Socialist analysis of the media

Thanks to InvereskStreetIngrate for alerting me to this forthcoming event of the Socialist Party. Now who could we sign up to attend this....?


Darren said...

Thanks for the plug, Lisa. It's much appreciated.

I was hoping that Pat Kane, cultural critic and lead singer of the eighties chicken in a basket circuit combo Hue and Cry, would pop in and regale us all with his party piece of how the theories of Derrida and Lacan influenced the song lyrics of Simon Le Bon.

Isn't Pat from Paisley? If not, he should be.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

HA! Can you believe I actually own the Hue and Cry album from the late 1980s (on cassette!)

Avoiding as I do all manner of ITV fare, I only recently saw images informing me of how much hair the duo had lost in the intervening years. Yikes.

But you're right; should be from Paisley...