Monday, May 23, 2005

Arcade Fire and other Sunday mutterings

I know I get quite enthused about music rather easily, but can I make a point of recommending the Arcade Fire album Funeral?

Had heard a couple of tracks on the circulating CDs of music magazines, and also caught a barn-storming performance on Jools Holland the other week. And have to say, we were very impressed but are wracking our brains to identify the "who do they sound like?" influences. Come on - someone out there must be able to give us a good list!

Seriously though, we played the album yesterday and immediately played it again. Always a good sign! I got that glorious twitch inside me that identifies when music is really getting me to throw my arms and legs around. We then went on to play Misty's Big Adventure, Eels Daisies of the Galaxy, Sleater Kinney's first album (just 22 mins for 10 tracks!), The Clash Singles, and much more. All whilst doing Suduko puzzles. Now where is that hilarious article from last week's Guardian...?


AnnaWaits said...

I saw Arcade Fire on Later two weeks back and they were absolutely stunning. They reminded me of the Polyphonic Spree if they all had instruments...!

Reidski said...

Downloaded the Arcade Fire last night - on first hearing, I thought it superb.