Friday, May 13, 2005

False logic

A cat has four legs - ergo, all four-legged animals are cats

Young thugs wear hooded tops and baseball caps - ergo, all wearers of hooded tops and baseball caps are young thugs.

Er... anyone been taught basic logic and critical thinking recently? This smacks of the notion that if you are not a young thug, you would be proud to not wear the same 'uniform' as a young thug; that you would happily take off your cap or wear your hood down; and that anyone defying such a request to reveal themselves must obviously be thuggish.

This paranoid logic sucks.


David Duff said...

So, Ms. Rullsenberg, were you to find yourself alone on a street with a bunch of young men "all wearers of hooded tops and baseball caps" waiting at the far end, you would be happy and confident, I assume, to place your safety in logic, and walk straight through the middle of them?

(Look upon this as a thought experiment designed to improve "thinking skills"; a phrase I still do not quite understand but which I use in an effort to ingratiate myself with you following the rather unfortunate nature of the beginning of our aquaintanceship.)

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I really wouldn't call it acquaintanceship.

And frankly I have always been much more nervous around the smart white shirt / white socks brigade: as Jarvis once said "You know the score - ten blokes with 'taches in short-sleeved shirts telling you that you're the weirdo. Fear not brothers and sisters, we shall prevail. Live on."