Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Belated Birthday wishes: so shoot me now

Please do not take that to be an instruction if any of you out there are gun-toting, trigger-twitchy hunters!

Seriously though, I wish to make a public humbling for my complete inability to recall birthdays. Shamefully, I managed to miss the beloved Chrissie's birthday last week. (Grovel, grovel, scrape, scrape). All I can say is that a further Rullsenberg compilation will be constructed in compensation as soon as I am able. It's no consolation but I will state again that despite knowing the inestimable Helen Lisette since I was seventeen I am still no closer to being able to recall her birthdate with certainty (somewhere between the 24th and the 29th October).

Put simply, I suck.

And whilst I'm at it, we should all hope for better times ahead for John and his better half. Safe recoveries and belated birthday wishes all round.

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John said...

Much appreciated Lisa. Thanks from us both. I passed on your regards to better half and she was very touched.

She's coming out of hospital today but has to go back in for further treatment. So long as the pain stays away we'll be happy.

The pain of ageing, however, is something I can only attempt to postpone ;0)