Tuesday, May 17, 2005

10 things I've never done

Thanks be to Norm - an oasis of calm in the mele of my comments inbox.

So, what can I identify as 10 things I have never done? No special order.

- Never been camping. Nearly did it when I went to see Pulp at the Heineken festival at Leeds Roundhay Park in 1995. Bought all the stuff. Chickened out following crush at the front of the gig and a desire to get to my bed back in Wolves asap.

- Never passed my driving test. Don't panic folks, I'm not driving: in fact, I'm not on the roads in any way...

- Never even learnt to ride a bike properly. No co-ordination.

- Never read Don Quixote.

- Never ridden a horse (would like to)

- Never worked in a bar, restaurant, factory, shop or had a Saturday job. Does that mean I grew up without a sense of money or responsibility? No, it just meant I had less stuff and concentrated more on my studies. I know my limitations.

- Never been to Germany, land of my father. Though I am hoping to go this summer as and when our work contracts ever get sorted out.

- Never been baptised or christened

- Never had to stay in hospital (post-birth: I took a long time to get out then - being as I was born with the cord around my neck, underweight, and the wrong way round. Nearly didn't get to the hospital at all...)

- Never been on a rollercoaster (no desire to either: mum had to drag me off one of those 'go so slow' kiddies roundabouts when I was about three because it scared me so much. I'm thinking that can't be a good indicator for riding upside-down...)

Now who else would like this? Casyn? Cloud? Anna? So many to choose...


John said...

You really should give rollercoasters a go. They're one of life's innocent pleasures and far better than drugs. No cold turkey, no hangover. Just exhilaration.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Cloud has a passion for rollercoasters - reinforced by the absolutely wonderful April from Spellbound with her likes being coffee, rollercoasters and spelling... and being a vegetarian. Not least because her parents, especially her ma ("be happy: b-e-e!"), were amongst the most infuriating but likeably down-to-earth figures amongst the parents.

But sorry, my feeble ability to endure heights - the Empire State Building excepted - or motion at speed really doesn't lend itself to my adopting rollercoasters. Even if Gil Grissom loves them...

HabitualDamnation said...

i ain't baptised either. we're both doomed lisa! doomed!