Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Books and Brit-Pop

Darren over at the Inveresk Street Ingrate has just posted a neat little blog post on what he is currently reading. Amongst the texts mentioned is The Last Party (the story of Britpop) and he passes on some cracking anecdotal remarks about Brett Anderson, including a diamond from the Moz.

For me, I was never much convinced by the posturings of Suede. Yes, I liked some of their first releases, but like Anderson it all got a bit flabby. Still, Anderson did a very melancholic acoustic version of Trash that I once caught on the radio - one I felt was closer to the spirit of the song.

To my mind, Brit-pop was merely a convenient way to have Pulp come to the public eye.

Anyway, the post is well worth reading and if anyone pays attention to his endnotes, someone out there should get Darren his requested birthday pressie!

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