Friday, November 03, 2006

The Writer's reply: Michael Bywater

For those who don't always get chance to read back over old post comments, you may like to know that Michael Bywater took the time to respond to my rant!.

In other news, this writer is feeling a bit tired after being woken at 5am by a grumbling fire / smoke alarm. Not a battery one; a main-powered one. Apparantly it thought we hadn't tested it enough recently so beeped at us. After removing the battery from the nearby battery-powered one and not resolving the problem Cloud investigated the other. We think it is now resolved!!!


Matt_c said...

Do you have Rules to share, Rullsenberg?
Not too many though - I couldn't remember them all.

Clare said...

Everybody has to please now come over here and cheer me on.

Now. Friday night. Before 2am.

Please? Pretty please?