Friday, November 17, 2006

My TARDIS keychain

How absolutely fabulous is this? I have a bad day (Wednesday) and immediately my lovely friend Chrissie packs off a parcel to me! Not only does she forward on a stunning little pair of stripey socks from her sweet daughter Eve, but also pops in a goodie of cheer for me.

A TARDIS on a keychain!

Not just that but a TARDIS with the sound effect and TALKING!!! So at the push of the button on the top (the light as would be on the proper one) I can get the sound of the TARDIS (so evocative) or lovely lovely Mr Tennant's voice saying either "No second chances; I'm that sort of a man" or "Did you miss me?"


1 comment:

Magical_M said...

SO. SO. Jealous.

Where does one get a TARDIS keychain? I need to add it to my list for Santa.

Either that, or a sonic screwdriver. Or a jumbo cardboard cutout of the divine DT.

Bollocks to that either/or crap. I want all three. And I want them now.