Monday, November 13, 2006

In praise of Ghost

Yes, it may seem unlikely but here's the 'fess: Ghost was the first film that Cloud and I went to see together at the pictures.

No, we did not go to the local Indie cinema to see a foreign language, deeply worthy film with subtitles: we went to see a cheese-fest with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze about good and evil, death and mourning and very soppy scenes of mushy romance.

Oh yeah, and the most singularly hilarious (inadvertantly?) scene of sexual activity ever. With a potter's wheel...

So, Ghost. It was on last night. I saw it in the schedules. Cloud saw it in the schedules. I was still full to burst from eating the most enormous dinner at The Swan in Mountsorrell with Nick, Sue and Cloud.

"Shall we watch Ghost?" he says.

So there we are, hunkered down on the sofa with the cat, the pair of us sobbing. Jeez, I have lost count of how many times we have seen it (certainly nearly every time it has been on TV). And you know what?

It still works. It's a total fromage-fest, but it works. It's funny, it's silly; it has bad guys and good guys and THAT ridiculous song. And yet.

Shucks. We're just softies at heart...

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chrissie said...

Hee, I did think of you when I saw it was on! :) Again!