Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Disproportionate acts

How can a 2am raid be appropriate? (And for the record as the comments discussion makes clear, the raid was conducted ONLY on the grounds of 'overstaying'. Yes, because clearly working as a nurse doesn't make it a valued contribution to society...)

URGH. I hate this country's pandering to anti-immigration and anti-'workers from abroad'.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Lisa.

It is a very distressing and shameful episode.

David Duff said...

As I know (don't ask how) that you would not wish to miss the comment I left on 'JJ's' site here it is:

"Deported? With our 'not fit for its purpose' Home Office? You must be joking!

Still, it's an ill wind and all that sort of thing because at least the abandoned daughter back in SA will be pleased to see her missing Mum back again, as will the hard-pressed SA nursing services who are desperate to hang on to their nursing staff."