Friday, November 10, 2006

Touchwood (sic)

Took time off doing family history research last night - more on that in a mo - to watch the episode of 'Torchwood' I taped Wednesday night (more on that later too).

I've called it 'Touchwood' in the title after the inestimable Nick M called it that, and the 'sic' could easily have been 'sick' for this week's ep. Yes, yes: you're a grown-up programme. But do you have to keep shifting to look at the dead and bloody and semi-cybered body over and over again?

Still, it was more exciting than other episodes, but lordy you have to admit it really isn't up to the Who standard (even the Who standard of recent years). Enjoyable though it is - "urgh" factor aside (and this from someone who has 'happily' sat through the Tetsuo films: maybe it was because the TV-ish film stock used gives a different level of realism) - it really is a stocking filler rather than a 'must-see'. And I was seriously disturbed by the complete forgetting of the cyber-scientist's body once the sheet was pulled over him, never mind the hapless pizza girl who had her head chopped open and whose fate seemed to raise none of Gwen's earlier concerns to 'focus on the victim'.

Nevertheless, as said, in the absence of much else - and my inability to access BBC4 and the impending British Science Fiction fest - it will have to do. And at least Cloud tolerates me watching it.

Next task: get him to ask a toy shop for a Doctor Who David Tennant giant cut-out. Mmmmmm...

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