Friday, November 10, 2006


Oh dear god, it's like pR0n...

Seriously though, this kind of debate just gets me going so much. With around 3,000 books - nothing like the collection of my boss and her husband (for example) who have 15,000 - we have a suitably sizable collection that is not easily accommodated in one room, even if we had perfect shelving (which we don't).

Funnily, we have several of the books about books mentioned in this article as well. Not like we obsess about it. Actually, WE don't. I'm the anal organiser even though my messy urges also don't help. Heaven forbid if Cloud moves a CD to the wrong location or complains about not being able to find a book ("well, if you put it in a logical place..."). I've never forgiven him for buying a second copy of "Immortality". This issue is now doubly painful for him as he recently bought a second copy of the pocket-sized book on 'philosophy of science'.



SimonHolyHoses said...

Another fellow who buys second copies before he's read the first one?

Tell Cloud that I find great solace and a deep sense of brotherhood in his actions.

At least it gives me the opportunity to give them away to colleagues, thus giving off the impression of being like a kind human dispenser of literary goodies.

PS. Don't tell Mrs Holyhoses. Shhh!

George Walks said...

Any tips for getting the dust off such a large collection of books? (o;

Neil said...

Dust. What are you on about. I speed read my books every month. There's no time for the dust to settle here.

A good way of getting dust off the top of books is to take time off to revise for an important exam and take a piece of sandpaper and gently sand the tops of the books.

The act of sanding makes the memes within the book jump and make connections with the synapses in your brain. You don't need to read books. Just sand them.