Friday, November 10, 2006

Last night's tea

This will be really boring for many but can I say that we cooked ourselves a really lovely tea last night? We read and abandoned Hugh-Fearnley-Whittingstall's Guardian recipe for stuffed squash (apart from the concept of being "ripe for experimentation"). So we cut the squash in half, removed the seeds etc, put in butter and chopped garlic and cooked for an hour. We then removed from the oven, scooped out the inside flesh, mashed it up and then added it back in with layers of chickpeas, halved cherry tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, sliced mushroom, and slices of goats cheese. Topped off with more goats cheese and finished in the oven, served with the remainder of the left over filling which had been heated in a pan with lemon juice.


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SimonHolyHoses said...

That sounds absolutely delish Lisa!

Mmmmm. Mouth watering!