Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Looking back, and the future

Marie writes, as ever, a glorious post - in this instance about rewatching "This Life" before musing about where we see ourselves in the future and where we might have seen ourselves in the past.

"it's always interesting to see what your view of the future is, it tells you a lot about where you're at in the present."
Matt_c picked out the above comment of hers as being particularly insightful - hereby retrieved from the ultimately swallowing doom of the comments box.

He's right; like reading a history book will probably tell you as much about the time when the history was written as it does about the period it comments on, our predictions can be exceptionally revealing of our selves at the time of prediction. I recently found a small box of old diaries and unlike Clare* have not yet faced the thought of re-reading them (let alone posting extracts online). I doubt I am half as radical as I thought I was - hindsight being an amazing eyeglass.

Anyway, can I just add on the topic of "This Life" that I STILL can visualise the way I leapt off the sofa, punching the air and yelling "YES!!" when Milly punched Rachel. Still makes me tingle!

* Clare's posts can be found under the heading "Girl's Fun", but I'm having trouble with what links become visible on her site again as purplecity fights it out with co.uk!


Gert said...

I tried watching some re-runs of thirty-something and found the characters not only dull, but dull in the most odious smug and self-satisfied way. It was just awful.

So I decided not to watch This Life. that was then, and now...I don't know. Better to keep it in my memory. Besides, I now dislike Andrew Lincoln. Back then, he was some unknown bloke on the telly. Now he is the most condescending patronising full of himself piece of sh*te I have ever had the misfortune to request not to grope me in a pub.

Skuds said...

Looks like I had better get cracking with that This Life box set. Had it for ages and only got halfway through the first disc so far.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Gert: re your titbit of "grope" gossip... why is it that even the word suggests displeasure with the act? I mean, I can't think of a situation where you would choose the word "grope" to describe something you had actually enjoyed taking place...

Marie said...

Oh god yes, Milly punching Rachel - who didn't cheer? It's one of the all time greatest moments in TV drama history ever.

And as for grope, you are absolutely right. It's because it implies lack of consent I think.

Clare said...

I'm afraid the few times I've seen This Life, my opinions have been the same as Gert: The characters are odious, smug, self-centred, snobbish... I really really hated them. I couldn't understand why anyone thought they were engaging or likable.


As for my site, there isn't a problem: Just use the links as they appear on my site. The purpleocity url and the claresudbery.co.uk one are interchangeable. Either one will work. The only time this isn't true is when Purpleocity goes down, which never lasts for more than a few days. But it's been fine for months.

You can find the Girls' Fun posts here.


stu_n said...

Hate to namedrop... well, actually no, I don't, but still... I used to know the actress who played Rachel, when she was at sixth form college.

I cheered very, very loudly when Milly punched her.