Sunday, November 12, 2006

NCIS - when is the next series going to be shown in the UK?


Last night we get the end of season 2 of NCIS on channel Five. Caitlin (Kate) is killed! Five clearly got the series as part of a package because it has that difficult-to-compete-against-anything-else slot of (usually) 7-9pm on Saturdays. They've shown two complete series since around April, recently with double episodes before the CSI/L&O slots.

But what will happen next? They're already into series 4 in the USA. Will it move to one of the Five off-shoot channels? In which case, by hook or by crook I WILL be getting bloody Freeview is I have to track down an aerial installation guy and the most perfect Freeview box in the world. Or will it just be back later in the year on Five?

I'm sorry, I have to know.


MediumRob said...

Get Sky. FX is showing season 4 of NCIS at the moment (as well as Brotherhood and it plans to show season four of The Wire as well as Dexter. It also show re-runs of Buffy, The X-Files and Highlander during the day). Otherwise, it's repeats for the rest of the year on Five and maybe season three in January on Five.

holyhoses Rob said...

But it says in Radio Times that season 3 starts next week!?

By the way, we had visitors and I forgot to record the last 2 eps, so I missed Kate getting killed. Domage!

MediumRob said...

The online Radio Times shows two episodes next Saturday, both of which are from the start of the first season. Ditto the following week. Which Radio Times is right??

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Oooh, its a Rob debate!

I haven't seen the hard copy Radio Times yet (I was going to check it today). It almost would be nice to see the first two episodes though as they were two we missed as we were still in NZ then. (Ironically we also missed the ep where Ari first appeared: this was before we worked out we liked it enough to want to tape it).

HolyHosesRob, I may have the eps on tape from Saturday - shall I check and dig the tape out if I did tape them?

Mind, pleased to find someone else watching NCIS - we were beginning to think it was just me and Cloud!