Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Clearly not quite the 19th century in this man's head

That would be the 'delightful' Mr Newell, who, belated and forced apologies aside, is basically a sexist twat.

See lovely Kerron for a good discussion on this and this priceless line in his comments from Jimbo Jones:
I love the line "I know that sounds sexist but I am sexist" possibly the worst argument I have ever heard espoused (and working in the HoC you hear some pretty shabby arguments)

I just cant wait to use that in future. "I know this sounds stupid but i am stupid"


MediumRob said...

Actually, it's one of the best arguments I've ever heard. Can you argue with it?

"Why did you say that sexist thing?"
"Because I'm a sexist"
"Erm, not you're not...?"

See can't argue with it. It's not a great defence, mind. In fact, it probably can lay claim to being the worst defence I've ever heard, since it's actually a confession. But a bad argument? Not a bit of it...

J.J said...

A good female friend of mine was forced out of the job she was doing by the very same Mick Newell because he didn't want a woman doing her job in his club. That man gives Neanderthals a bad name.