Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Rules of Rullsenberg

Matt_C asked for some, so here are a few:

  1. Be passionate: about something, anything, many things, but avoid becoming obsessive.

  2. Be angry and do something: they can always pretend there is nothing wrong if nobody tells them

  3. Pursue knowledge and information but think about where you get it from: the internet, the news, books, and people are all great sources of knowledge and information, but always ask questions. Interrogate your witnesses/sources and think what might be influencing them and their opinions.

  4. Be yourself (or many selves), but always be true: we can all have - and sometimes need - different personas, but don't be untrue to your overall self. Other people may be unhappy living with the consequences in the short-term; you have to live with yourself for longer

  5. Life is too short to to just keep doing things out of duty or fear: obligation and feeling scared of the consequences are not particularly good reasons for doing stuff you hate or maintaining a front for the sake of it (see above for related points). If you really HAVE to do something you have always loathed, find some reward for yourself for doing it. And, as a non-believer, for me that has to be something more concrete than 'I'll get my reward for being so selfless in heaven'.

  6. Try to enjoy things on their own terms: if you don't come out of a gig full of excitement and delight, it's probably been at best mediocre. In the high of something immediately finishing you should feel exhilerated by the experience. The critical faculties will come back, but the delight should suspend them temporarily. Basically, if you start reading a chick lit book to be intellectually challenging and deep there is a high chance of disappointment before your critical faculties ultimately return. Be sensible and engage with it for what it is or don't start. Why waste your time and money?!

  7. You can never go back: less a rule, more a statement to be aware of. Life goes forwards, as much as we may wish otherwise. We have to live with events and find ways to move on. Otherwise we end up like Dark Willow*, trying to bring Tara back to life and taking it out on the world when we cannot. Mind, I really wish she hadn't ended up with irksome Kennedy.

Less serious rules (but nonetheless to be considered as mine):

  • Thou shalt know Jarvis as a great musical genius and meddle with the works of Pulp at your peril (William Shatner, that means you)

  • Scottish actors are hot, especially using their own accents, but also when they just look bloody gorgeous and can act the pants off many other so-called stars. They shall be acknowledged and adored because there is always the horrible possibility they will get swallowed up by the American movie industry when they become too successful. Sigh.

  • There will never be a better political drama than The West Wing, especially when looking at those first two stunning series but also its overall arc. So TV dramatists should all stop trying to do that right now.

  • Good TV comedy will invariably be better than a comedy film. The last really great comedy film I saw at the flicks was probably Shaun of the Dead. Given its pedigree that says a lot about the quality of TV comedy.

  • Hmm. Those were my first thoughts. They probably suck and I may change my mind about any or all of them! But I hope you enjoy them!

    * Sorry about the music, not my choice but the clips are great.


    AnnaWaits said...

    "Thou shalt know Jarvis as a great musical genius and meddle with the works of Pulp at your peril (William Shatner, that means you)"

    And 'Ben Folds, that means you', too, then? I see some of our rules conflicting, Lisa ;)

    JoeinVegas said...

    That was a pretty good DW compilation. I really like her firey eyes kneeling over at the start - good look.

    Lisa Rullsenberg said...

    I hereby absolve Ben of all blame. He's too talented and cool to have to take any of my flack. Besides, it's really the 'singing' that kills it for me: the production values are fine but what was BF thinking in letting Shatner loose on the genius of Pulp?!

    Lisa Rullsenberg said...

    And Joe, the vid is great; I just wasn't hugely convinced by the choice of track. But cool selection of images and well edited.

    George Walks said...

    It may surprise you Lisa, but I rather enjoyed that video...

    Clare said...

    Shaun of the Dead is indeed brilliant. And to see I avoided seeing it cos I thought it looked a bit naff!

    Lisa Rullsenberg said...

    George: my shock knows no bounds...


    Hmmm...irony anyone???!

    Magical_M said...

    "Scottish actors are hot"


    Especially the one you are referring to.

    Matt_c said...

    Be passionate: about something, anything, many things, but avoid becoming obsessive.

    Fell at the first hurdle. What happens when we break the Rules of Rullsenberg? Is the an accompanying wRath and Retribution of Rullsenberg, followed by Reflection and Rehabilitation of Rullsenberg?

    What if I became a Reoffender of Rullsenberg?

    Rob said...

    Good rules.