Sunday, November 19, 2006

Paying to go the wrong way

M6 Toll Road. Getting multimap is not enough. It helps to know whether you are going North or South. Because even though we were overall heading south, we actually needed the Toll Road Northbound. So we ended up PAYING to go in the wrong direction.

How typical is that of us?


JoeinVegas said...

Paying to go the wrong way. Reminds me of the roads around LA - not toll roads fortunately - but some of the freeway on ramps don't have directions but city names, so you know you have to get on the I-5 north, but where you are is Santa Monica or Torrance north or south? Then when you latter approach the same road from another place, well, now Torrance is north from there when it was south the last time, so you're all off.
Oh well, hopefully you didn't drive for three hours before finding the mistake.

David Duff said...

Well, you put it rather well in your preceding post:
"My sides hurt from laughing"!

Anonymous said...


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Matt_c said...

Paying to go the wrong way... Reminds me of something. Oh yes. My life.

George Walks said...

I imagine you took it rather well. Were you hungry at the time?