Monday, September 11, 2006

We're back...

... in case you didn't realise that we are now truly in real time, and in real place too, unlike the update that was posted here.

We finished the weekend off by going to Slain's Castle on the coast (magnificent!) and then drove to Dufftown to get some whiskey. We had a great picnic on a rather precipitous outcrop at Slains Castle and some amazing caramel cake with cream at a lovely cafe in Dufftown. We then got back to Aberdeen and drove to the Braemar road where we ducked into the approved chip shop of choice for excellent fish and chips which we then shiveringly ate by the side of the Dee River. Lovely!

We then went back to G's for a screening of a documentary about Einsturzende Neubauten (Blixa's cheekbones!) and then the bonkers narrative of The Machinist. Only me and G stuck the film right through - Neil had a snooze despite espresso coffee - but it was rather good (if a little confusing and disturbing).

Sunday we got up late and had a mini breakfast before G cooked up a great spinach and potato curry. By then it was time to get to the station and our 9 hour journey home.

Of course what we really wanted then was for the mains-powered smoke alarm to have a wibble and decide to go off for 30 secs at 3.50am, but you know, you can't have everything after such a great weekend!

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George Walks said...

Although it is a relatively modern distinction, I feel a sad whisky snob need to point out that Scottish whisky should always be without the 'e' whereas Irish and American should be with it.



Great to see you again. Some excellent music has been imported here!!