Friday, September 15, 2006

Now That's What I Call Dead Baggy: Calling for your responses, memories, and suggestions on music selections from 1989 to 1991-ish

Way back when I used to work in accountancy - my penance etc etc - we had a personnel officer called Fiona. She and I somehow managed to become friends: correction, her husband had a pretty large record collection and somehow WE became friends. Thanks to them I did get to see The Stone Roses at Spike Island. Not their best gig, but certainly an entertaining day out and a great 'event'.

ANYWAY, Steve used to do me these tape collections of current music (bare in mind this was 1989-1991-ish) that came under the 'brand' of "Now that's what I call dead baggy" [remember when the 'Now' series used to be called 'Now that's what I call dead good'?] even though the music strayed several broad genres. So amongst the bands included are not only your classic baggy dudes (The Roses, Happy Mondays etc) but also some shoegazers, KLF, New Fast Automatic Daffodils, and plenty of quirky cover versions...

Here are the listings for the collected 'baggy' tapes:

Volume 1: Side One

Happy Mondays: Wrote for Luck
Brideswell Taxis: Honesty
Charlatans: The Only One I Know
The Badgeman: Extraordinary Girl
Honey Smugglers: Listen
Candy Flip: This Can Be Real
Soup Dragons's: I'm Free
Paris Angels: All on You (Perfume)
The High: Box Set Go
Primal Scream: Loaded

Volume 1: Side Two
Flowered Up: It's On
Five-Thirty: Abstain!
Pale Saints: Sight of You
Cud: Hey! Wire
King of the Slums: It's Dead Smart
The Times: Septieme Ciel
Inspiral Carpets: Move In
Mock Turtles: Lay Me Down
Ride: Taste
The Stone Roses: One Love

Volume 2: Side One
The Stone Roses: What the World was Waiting For
Soup Dragons: Mother Universe
World of Twist: The Storm
The High - Dreams of Dinesh
Flowered Up: Phobia
Sha-men: Pro-Gen
808 State: Cubic Olympic
Happy Mondays: Hallelujah (MacColl Mix)
Chapterhouse: Something More
Charlatans: Then (Alternate Take)
Cud: Bohemian Rhapsody *** [I would consider killing to get this track on my PC/CD!]
Saint Etienne: Kiss and Make Up

Volume 2: Side Two
Five-Thirty: Air-Conditioned Nightmare
The Farm: All Together Now
The Mock Turtles: How Does it Feel?
Inspiral Carpets: This is How it Feels
Brideswell Taxis: Spirit
Pale Saints: Half-Life Remembered
Ocean Colour Scene: Sway
Pop Will Eat Itself: Can You Dig it?
Paris Angels: Scope
Ride: Drive Blind
E.M.F.: Unbelievable
Primal Scream: Come Together

Volume 3: Side One
The Times: Manchester
808 State: In Yer Face
Chapterhouse: Falling Down
Jellyfish: The King is Half-Undressed
The Charlatans: Over Rising
Teenage Fanclub: God Knows Its True
Five-Thirty: My Sweet Lord
James: Come Home (Extended Flood Mix)
Soho: Hippy Chick
Bradford: Green and Pleasant Land
Pop Will Eat Itself: X, Y and Zee
Inspiral Carpets: Commercial Reign (Snatch Mix)

Volume 3: Side Two
Happy Mondays: Kinky Afro
Jesus Jones: Real Real Real
The High: Take Your Time
Cud: Magic
New Fast Automatic Daffodils: Get Better
Ultra Vivid Scene: Special One
The Farm: Stepping Stone (Ghost Dance Mix)
Sp!n: Let's Pretend (Jimi's Dead)
Soup Dragons: Softly
Ride: Like a Daydream
The Stone Roses: I am the Resurrection

Volume 4: Side One
T99: Anasthasia (Out of History Mix)
The Farm: Don't Let Me Down
Chapterhouse: Pearl
Paris Angels: I Understand
Jesus Jones: Right Here, Right Now
Gary Clail & the On-U Sound System: Human Nature (On the Mix Edit)
Fishmonkeyman: Breathing
The High: More
New Fast Automatic Daffodils: Fishes Eyes
Happy Mondays: Loose Fit
The Charlatans: Indian Rope

Volume 4: Side Two
World of Twist: She's a Rainbow
Ride: Unfamiliar
Ned's Atomic Dustbin: Happy
Rain: Lemonstone Desired
Pale Saints: Hunted
Cubic 22: Night in Motion (Radio Edit)
The Stone Roses: Made of Stone
Cud: Robinson Crusoe
Mock Turtles: Can You Dig it?
Top: Number One Dominator
Inspiral Carpets: Caravan (No Windscreen Mix)
E.M.F.: E.M.F.

Now that's what I call Dead Baggy Live: Side One
Stone Roses: I Wanna Be Adored
Boo Radleys: Alone Again Or [Radio One Session]
Jesus Jones: Never Enough
Chapterhouse: Pearl
Top: Feel Good [Radio One Session]
Flowered Up: Take It
Catherine Wheel: Salt
Paris Angels: Scope [Radio One Session]
The Farm: All Together Now
Happy Mondays: WFL

Now that's what I call Dead Baggy Live: Side Two
Ride: Dreams Burn Down
The High: Up & Down
Spirea X: Chlorine Dream [Radio One Session]
Ned's Atomic Dustbin: Aim at the Civic
Mock Turtles: You Move Me
Ocean Colour Scene: Yesterday Today
E.M.F. Unbelievable
The Dylans: Ocean Wide [Radio One Session]
Five-Thirty: Abstain!
The Charlatans: Indian Rope
Teenage Fanclub: Starsign
Inspiral Carpets: Biggest Mountain

Volume 6: Side One
Northside: Take 5
Flowered Up: Egg Rush
Sha-Men Vs Bam-Bam: Transcendental
The Mock Turtles: And Then She Smiles
Pale Saints: Kinky Love
Birdland: Everybody Needs Somebody
Jesus Jones: International Bright Young Thing
Charlatans: Polar Bear
Utah Saints: What Can You Do For Me?
Fishmonkeyman: I've Told You Once
808 State: Lift
Happy Mondays: Step On
Ride: Chelsea Girl

Volume 6: Side Two
The Farm: Groovy Train
Julian Cope: Beautiful Love
KLF: What Time Is Love?
Brideswell Taxis: Don't Fear The Reaper
Chapterhouse: Rain
Rain: Taste of Rain
Inspiral Carpets: Butterfly
A Guy Called Gerald: Voodoo Ray
Cud: Hey Boots
The Stone Roses: Elephant Stone
The High: Up & Down
35 Summers: I Didn't Try
E.M.F.: Lies

Volume 7: Side One
James: Sit Down
Prodigy: Charlie (Alley Cat Mix)
Chapterhouse: Mesmerise
The Stone Roses: Where Angels Play
Inspiral Carpets: Sleep Well Tonight
Top: Feel Good
E.M.F.: I Believe
Happy Mondays: Judge Fudge
Primal Scream: Higher Than The Sun
The Dylans: She Drops Bombs
KLF: 3AM Eternal
Cud: Urban Spaceman

Volume 7: Side Two
Teenage Fanclub: Like A Virgin
Ride: Dreams Burn Down
Spirea X: Speed Reaction
Northside: Shall We Take a Trip
The Charlatans: Me In Time
808 State: Open Your Mind (Soundgarden Mix)
Jesus Jones: Who? Where? Why?
Bizarre Inc.: Such a Feeling (Radio Edit)
Blue: There's No Other Way
Sha-Men: Hyperreal (Orb Edit)
Flowered Up: Take It
The Mock Turtles: Why Must I Share This Air With Foolish Men

Now a few of these songs I do have on CD, but what a lot have been lost to oblivion! I know some would say that that is to the benefit of popular music, but there were some excellent tracks here and my tapes are getting a little tired. I also DON'T have the set-up to connect the stereo to a tape player to even transfer these at a slow rate to the 'puter...

Anyone got any comments, memories or suggestions?


Marie said...

So many comment, memories and suggestions! But just to start me off - what no Wonderstuff??????

I may be back with further thoughts...

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Don't forget I wasn't responsible for MAKING these lists...

The Stuffies were grand though.

Catharine Soulipsis said...

There is probably a very easy way to do this, but in my own case I'd use the line-out on my stereo (CD player) into a weeny line level mixer, feed that into my protools and convert to MP3.

The problem you usually get is that the output level from stereo systems and the input level required by computers work on very different signals.

That's a lot of mucking about, but it works for me.

I'm not sure but I think Behringer might do a "conversion" box. Ah yes! This.
which you can buy from here.

But you need an output from your CD player.

Reidski said...

That's weird - the first thing I though of when looking through that list (which brought back some great memories, btw) was: "What? No Wonderstuff?"

SimonHolyHoses said...

Ooh. Some long forgotten names there. That was just around the time I went into my own musical dark agein which I stopped listening to everything.

PS. Speaking of wonderstuff, that reminds me of Vic Reeves. "Sing Hi for the New Romatic", and the mello "I remember punkrock (as though it was only yesterday)".

I once did a gig with Vic Reeves in Plaistow - think it was 1987. He also gatecrashed two of our parties in Camberwell, the skamp!

Catharine Soulipsis said...

Stop! I don't think that Behringer box does what I thought it did. It's a preamp, so you would probably still need some sort of mixer to control tha gain (otherwise the voltage would be way way way too high for your computer to deal with it).

I'll do some more digging. What sort of outputs does your CD player have Lisa?

Neil said...

I'm puzzled as to the reference to cd out when the problem is putting tapes onto a pc.

The problem is even more difficult when you haven't got a tape player (--:-(>)

Reidski said...

Sorry lisa, but I'm carrying on my tradition of running a conversation with a commentor on your blog which has nothing to do with your post so...

... on the subject of Vic Reeves, I was talking to my beloved JJ yesterday and how The Big Night Out originated in the Albany centre in Deptford. These were legendary nights (I am told). Of course everyone in the New Cross/Deptford area who likes a bit of surreal comedy claims to have been there. But I hold my hands up and say I never made it myself. But I do remember the brilliant "I remember punk rock" - a classic.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Not a problem Reidski!

And it's nice to see someone admit that they WEREN'T at an historic event...

If all the people who claimed to have attended... well, I suspect a venue the size of a small county would hardly cover it!

Catharine Soulipsis said...

(blushing)...Good point Neil!

SimonHolyHoses said...

I was never there.

We used to see a lot of that crew in the pub in Camberwell (The Grove).

Funnily enough, also on the bill that same night in Plaistow was The Levellers. In fact me and my sorry mates were the only ones not to have a successful career in the media...

Hold on a minute - two of my bandmates are now in Nectarine Number Nine with Davie.

That just leaves me... Did I tell you I used to share a flat with Jayne County? Does that make me a success?

Damn... Failed Musician to the core...

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Never failed Si!

And your gossip? Now that's what I call dead interesting!

SimonHolyHoses said...

It's a funny thing. I don't actually remember Vic Reeves or The Levellers from that night - it was just another gig.

I know it because I found a flier with pictures for it in the bottom of a box when we moved house.

I wonder how many other close encounters with the rich and famous that we all have without even knowing it.

PS. First time Vic Reeves gatecrashed a party at our house my mates threw him out!! BONG!!

I once met eyes at Tottenham Court Road tube station with Paul McGann. Also a long time ago. I felt embarassed for traspassing in his field of view. my wife was jealous though!

Paul Fuzz said...

The Dylans! The High! Ride! Motherlovin' Northside fer chrissakes! A welcome archive of an under-documented indie era...can't claim I was into these cats in their prime ('cos I was 10 in 1990) but I sure dug 'em once I hit my 'ooh, I wonder who this band Noel Gallagher used to roadie for are' / 'ooh, I wonder who these cats are who used to play with The Roses alot' period. I still maintain that a buncha stoned, pasty, wide trousered scallies playing Hendrix / Byrds licks over a James Brown loop is a winning formula. I DJ'd at a friend's wedding on Saturday and was playing Stax soul sorta stuff mainly, but the real floor fillers were The Soup Dragons' 'I'm Free' and I Am The Resurection (LP version, natch). Everybody should have a friend called Steve who makes 'em baggy compilations.

Reidski said...

Simon, Lisa is right, that is a bombshell of gossip. Last time my mate jim (of timesnewroman fame), his wife, JJ and me all got together, I blasted out Things Your Mother Never Told You - but, of course, s/he was Wayne County at the time. A truly stupendous album.

As for famous people we nearly met, if anyone mentions Pete Wylie to me, they are so fucking dead ... in fact, I'm sweating thinking about it!

Btw, Si Smeaton is one top geezer, one of the nicest blokes I have ever met in my life - and I am so not exaggerating!

SimonHolyHoses said...

Next time you see Si say "hello" to him for me. Last time I saw him was painfully long ago. It was at Nottingham Rock City when he got us backstage passes for the gig supporting Fine Young Cannibals.

Ask him if he remembers the naked gig at Oscar J Spielbergs!! I won't say anything more!

Darren said...


put out an APB; there's a mixtape missing.

What no tracks from The La's!?!?

Also, is it only me that remembers The Wendys, who were signed to Factory Records? I could never work out if they were before or after their time.

And though it misses the cut-off point, please don't forget the wonderful scouse 60s throwbacks, The Stairs.

If anyone has mp3s of any of the tracks from Mexican R 'n' B that they want to wing my way, I'll be eternally grateful. ;-)

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I had the La's and a bunch of extras from Steve separately, though not sure why they didn't come up anyway on the baggy lists!

mike said...

Lisa: my hi-fi is set up so that I can burn CDs directly from cassette. It's a bit laborious as I have to manually band the tracks, but I'm happy to do a few of them for you - and I'm local, which makes things nice and easy. Drop me an e-mail, OK? Address is on me blog...

col said...

Don't know if you've found Cud - Bohemian Rhapsody yet. If not, try:


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Col, you have made my Friday!!!!