Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Eeh, we are such philistines in Nottingham

CloudyNeil pointed me to the story of Anish Kapoor's "Sky Mirror" being located in New York and the comment the BBC site makes about Nottingham in telling the story.

Harumph. Really, are my fellow Nottinghamians so dumb?

Plise, do nott ansswer thatt...

Especially as I can deliberately spell things incorrectly (ahem...)

UPDATE: of course if I had kept up to date with my blogroll I would have seen the inestimably lovely troubled diva himself writing on topic of the Sky Mirror in NYC and Nottingham yesterday.


mike said...

Well, it's all true about the pigeon-burning scare - I've linked to a Guardian article from 2001 which quotes the astronomical adviser to the project.

What bugged me was the implication that the NYC mirror was the *only* mirror, and that it had been moved from Nottingham. It's actually (at least) the *third* mirror in existence, and the Nottm version is very much still here.

Nice to see that the BBC amended the article within a couple of hours of me contacting them about it - now there's people power for you!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Now I'm glad you clarified that about the Nottingham one, because I was really concerned that we had lost it!

I knew it wasn't the only one in existence, but that WAS the implication of the BBC phrasing, which combined with the Nottingham comments really made us look even more knobbish than we are...

Thanks for heroically steeping in to make them see sense!

Rob said...

Having checked the link before reading the comments I was wondering what you were on about (as of course the Beeb entry ios now different).

Personally I think a Sky Mirror that zapped pigeons if they happened to pass through one precise spot would be rather cool, especially since in order to do more than warm the pigeon up a little it would be necessary for teh pigon to hover in a kestrel-like manner AND for Nottingham's incicent sunshine to climb to a more Las Vegas-like intensity.

The trouble with us pedants is, we mess up all the best journalistic nonsense.

SimonHolyHoses said...

It's too close to the playhouse bar to have captured very much of my attention in the past.

However it is always fun to sit some distance away and see if you can find your reflection.