Sunday, September 24, 2006

Best lines in movies?

George comes back from his imposed blog break (holidays, working, us visiting?!) and brings us another excellent and inspired post.

10 best lines from movies

Now of course I have to take up the challenge.

It is tricky though, because movie quotes lists are legion and lengthy. And although they are fun to read through, you can get the feeling that they don't mean that much to anyone. On the other hand, by investing it with personal taste, a movie lines list can represent something more individual. In that respect it is rather like the desert island discs selection we did before - and by the way, I have to give proper credit here as that was actually inspired by the lovely Sonia!

My problem was that I couldn't select very well in terms of type. I found myself drawn to a lot of comedic lines/exchanges but really wanted some of the tingle inducing romantic moments. So I know this is more of a list of what came to mind than a perfectly formed top 10. Cos I know the longer I think about it, the longer it will get!

So this is more of a selective 10. There could have been another 10 at least.

  1. The cheesy moment: "No one puts Baby in a corner" - cue cheers from every girl in the audience!

  2. The best suburban punk rebellion line: "Let's get sushi and not pay! - hysterical

  3. The "yeah!" moment: "This is from Mathilda" - Although this was on G's list, I'm justifying including it here as it has long been on my list of favourite moments that make me cry

  4. The "what-the-hell-have-I-just-been-watching?!" moment: "We have just lost cabin pressure" - the second when I KNEW I had to immediately go back and see this movie again

  5. The exchange that sums up (local) politics: "Warren, suppose the hijackers start shooting at me? / Will you stop? They have no reason to shoot at you / Why - do you think they're from out of town?" - my valentine's day present a few years back. A film I still love to bits.

  6. The line that makes me wince with laughter: "And I cayn't stand'im" - 'cos Lina Lamont talking just floors me...

  7. The funniest moment featuring Brad Pitt: "Hey, get some beer, and products" - just cracks me up every time and is regularly invoked when we go shopping

  8. The best in-joke about movies: "She is Lana Turner" - has me in giggles before the line even appears

  9. My completely gratuitous inclusion of a line/speech that I love: "You see, you care for somebody more than you care for yourself. You lose yourself. You may be frightened, but you trust, and you risk. You risk everything that you've fought to gain." - sniff.

  10. The best set-up line for a conclusion: "Baby, you're gonna miss that plane..." - because it just makes you catch your breath with the hope that the film is gonna end perfectly. And it does...

And if I can also have one perfect script, can I please have Casablanca which has just too many great lines to chose from. Witty, political, and weepy. I could have filled a list from that one film...

So there you have it. And if you fancy donating your own selections, can I perhaps direct you to the lovely George's page?


George Walks said...

Cool list Lisa. I only bumped the Fight Club line because I knew you would include it!! And good take on Before Sunset. Also, thanks for the correct spelling of Mathilda!!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Yep, I am THAT predictable about Fight CLub. Gaddamn I lurve that movie!!!!