Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The History of Love: Nicole Krauss

Neil got me this for the long train journeys to and from Aberdeen this weekend. I ended up reading it on the way back and just devoured it.

I'm not ashamed to say I cried just a fair load (making myself a bit sickly from trying not to) as the woven narratives of those in the book. Neil picked it up for me as it was about New York, translation, Jewishness, writing - all stuff I love.

So, here it is: belated I'm sure but highly recommended.

Nicole Krauss "The History of Love"...

Even if it IS recommended by bloody Richard and Judy...


SimonHolyHoses said...

You went by train to The Granite City? Cool!

I love long, long, long train journeys. Like a good old adventure.

Used to be even better when they had compartments, but it's still good!

Neil said...

Is there any other way to travel overland?

The train is the method of choice of all discerning people.

As someone once said, "let the train take the strain". And so it did.

I hear that some people are experimenting with lighter than air machines but I really don't think it will catch on. That is strictly for the birds.

As the saying goes, "forget the KittyHawk, go to KittyBrewster by train".

Gordon said...

My wife tends to buy books based on 'popular recommendation' which, these days, means Richard and Judy.

You know what the really annoying thing is, the books are usually bloody good!

I suspect that someone else really picks them though.. ;-)