Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Top class "it-stinks" review

We all know that bad reviews are the best to read or hear: sassy, funny and even if you know you're unlikely to see the item under review, they just a little bit make you want a taste just so you can spit them out in hysterical agreement.

MediumRob turns his glorious sense of humour on Ghost Whisperer.

As a taster, you know it will be a cracker when the first paragraph reads thus:

Well that was painful. I've seen some pretty rubbish shows in my time, but Ghost Whisperer makes Night Man and Viper look like Six Feet Under. It's as though someone thought Charmed was just a little too edgy and a little too simple and they really needed something more complex and more touchy-feely.


MediumRob said...

Aw shucks. Ta!

Emma said...

Lol. Reviews of things of questionable quality are the best, I basically just rant. And don't stop. :P

JoeinVegas said...

Your comments are just as good. And more stripey.