Thursday, September 28, 2006

Opening Line: 28 September 2006

"Through the rails, I spied your ponytail; I tried with sugarcubes and they're okay"

Artiste and song please?

There's a subtle reiteration going on with this one so kudos to those who spot how!

UPDATE:Congrats to Chrissie (on both posts!) but hmmm, blogger problems so it WASN'T that I was being that unsubtle with double postings. No, the connection was that I have of course used Prefab Sprout before AND have used another song called "Wild Horses" (the Stone/Sundays)!


chrissie said...

Wonderful "Wild Horses" by Prefab Sprout! Ah, that is SOOOO fabulous.
Too dumb to make a connection though as I didn't get yesterday's line. If that is what you were referring to Rullsenberg.

Marie said...

Is the subtle reiteration the fact that you've posted the line twice? ;-)

chrissie said...

I was going to ask that! Then i thought..nah!